Some knowledge about bronze sculpture

Western Han bronze mirror, in Eastern Han dynasty blog mirror decoration, the four gods, not only leaves a lot of food bloggers, blog mode of these regulations and the specific times

, in fact, it is the meaning of the moment, standard day, where the round of the day, ban or explain the universe. It is bronze sculptures and ceremonial

mutual interdependence and the attendant. Until the Eastern Han dynasty, in some animals mirror decorations, you can also see the beast's mouth. This shows that the Han people

thoughts rule concept has been subtle. Figure 1 for four Eastern Han Bo on the left mirror, mirror has unearthed a large number of placed the two white arrows, left corner of the regulations, the middle of the image  . Also, each string of white line is a line of five

point  . This arrangement, if it is a hand-made sculpture, this is not possible, with the hands of humanity, cannot grasp the accurate drawing directly.

no statues, ritual loses carrier. Bo mirror draws a mechanical drawing four lines, and on the right is a compass, if a little common sense, you can

to successfully map  . As early as the Western Han dynasty bronze mirrors, bronze mirror compass on the drawing of the traces remain, this is obvious. Largest technical progress,

highly uniform decoration, and interoperability to achieve bronze decorations. End of the era of the warring States period bronze, bronze moulding technology is a continuation of the previous generation model, just to talk to warring States period bronze decoration production technology.

there is no Chinese bronze sculpture, the rule will not be able to implement  . Refer to "Fan Zhu bronze" is the author of, the Western Zhou dynasty bronze decoration business, mainly hand-made

as, on the surface of the range, to meet the mass production of invention of the cell, the demand in the period of the warring States period decorative fan fight  . Van struggles against the

that technology is the first production of a series of specially crafted decorative molds, mold decoration decorative  . Some units, such as in-mold decorating a box,

will fill the mold in the mud, you can unearth a range of decorations, if you continue, you can dig out many of the same unit repair range. Those units will be under renovation is necessary to mould objects in scope

, and then add the mud, crashed into the entire range of mud, so RAM face range, not only with geometry   or to decorate the need  . Chinese bronze sculpture in China

Commission an important part of culture. This model is a unit decoration rules, this rule, it can be standardized production, for a variety of cells and decorating model,

each with its own decorative fixed size and fixed. Main unit decorated mold production technology, bronze decorations, you no longer need to use your hands in the soil range

, as well as more detailed processes and cannot meet each other, greatly improving the efficiency of  .

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