Winter decoration: expert teaches you how to choose living room floor

Floor flooring maintenance essential   by natural causes and impact of human causes, shall carry out maintenance of the law, therefore, we propose "floor life needs timely home" slogan. Golden Eagle Iger floor maintenance experts pointed out: in order to maintain the floor   of the original color and texture, the more hollow life, there must be rules for conservation. Individual, solid wood floor device to do one themselves, and must use professional support of the remaining product.   Of different materials, different appearance of the floor, remaining product for conservation are not the same. Oil on floor, Golden Eagle Iger from soybean and coconut extract natural animal care products, is the oil surface floors clean and protect the production of fantasy  . This product also has a role in environmental protection, and can be used without solving the timber, wood looks best as a cover, to thoroughly clean wood products exterior stains, cleaning of painted floors. Each family has a different understanding of, how using limited funds to decorate the most successful home? Home decoration, many owners are concerned that the renovation costs of the problem. So before the renovation, it must plan, provided that the good ability to cost. Here, small series of specially for you the warmest winter home improvement information, lets you dress up the most beautiful loving home!

use floor basic flooring shall be better care, better care of it like good vehicles is the same reason. Floor must be 48 hours before the end of the whole device can be used, such as used furniture, such as clearing the air. Initiatives throughout the floor   with ending a 48-hour backward cleaning home appearance, promotion of the performance. If not timely, and daily ventilation. That was before the official use of late tasks, for floor protection are the main future  . Attention to the daily maintenance of the floor in the home environment, living room is set up, using the highest number of occasions, so conservation is also the floor of the living room appears particularly important. Maintenance floor is the main floor protection steps, however, how the conservation? What kind of maintenance is scientific and rational conservation? Floor daily clean   of life have a major role. In everyday use, is strictly prohibited the use of harmful chemical substances to clean the floor, such as: unknown ingredients, such as dust. Daily cleaning, use damp cloth with moisture content below 30% settlement form  , if the floor stain, such as: vinegar, salt, oil and other infections to the floor, using special clean supplies for Golden Eagle Iger, do not use gasoline to clean. Maybe you are most concerned about the indoor temperature and humidity problems, Golden Eagle Edgar   experts advocate that you: indoor temperature at 16 degrees ~24 ℃, indoor absolute humidity ≤ 40%, the humidification methods should be used; absolute humidity ≥ 100% indoor ventilation when wet, optimum air humidity in the  40? ~70? In between.

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