Kitchen remodel needs to focus on 15

13, kitchen cabinets a few more outside layer partition, Yes. LG Platinum fire Board for my door, well the consequences, however if the decoration to be custom-made products door panel, as appropriate. Hand-made doors is fine, for reference only. Natural stone countertops don't like cheap, cheap treatment is a mess, many goods no goods major. At the counter don't see these issues yet to plant a false out to run across town a box of various brands I've collected samples of the processing plant, was still using the cheap "Monterey". Is it better not to know, and only I can know is integrated, as appropriate, price, quality suffered.

     a, kitchen cabinets designers initiative Lalaing, meter boxes.  Fortunately I see jars, and at the last minute, determined these two cancel out, and use a sterilizer.  Not too smart trust workers. Second, the device after the appliance Cabinet range hood, a big mistake Ah! Range hood installation trouble a lot, but in the seam between the cabinets also contrast.  Preferably at the same time devices.  Third, the basin mixer must use hand switch, that required with your fingers is not easy to maintain clean, oil on hand when turning is difficult.    Four red natural stone kitchen countertops almost God-like for it, what do ordinary operations and any contaminated or dirty water, then quickly erase or oozed out forever. Five cabinets without drawers, think lalan is everything.    Drainage problems piecemeal, as appropriate, dishwasher installed 3 times, is still in shock. Six natural stone countertop opening to worry until I draw good, especially under counter basin.  My narrow countertops, basins and said workers can't wear, but I personally plan following a successful realization of the installation, from the opening position to support scheme should I take into account planned.  Seven Cabinet edge went to the best buy several more contrast, buy and buy little other information can get a good price, this is a very lucrative products, very cheap! Eight, before we do kitchen cabinets when tank size, as appropriate, joist spacing choices sink size, my contrast smaller joist spacing, sink is very upset at first.  Sink to building materials supermarkets such as Obi, main market brand-name prices are not cheap, market kitchen quality sucks.     IX, counter detached piece of the sink, and make a 300x700 breakfast in the kitchen window. Ten hidden sure to do well, especially the kitchen outlet position properly, otherwise it will affect the size and the overall consequences of kitchen cabinets. &Nbsp;  11, cabinets 1) gas pipe leading to the water heater, be sure not to wear down from the Cabinet. 2) the gas to the stove pipe, the height of the horizontal tube between the best in 70-75cm, too low will lose their cupboard space under. 3) gas range top, to design the disinfection Cabinet or drawer, and certainly don't hit the gas tubes, as appropriate.

12, in the interests of peace, top next to the kitchen door, it is best to fit a socket for future gas alarm. This should not be.  If it is the narrow kitchen, Cabinet basin head, preferably by installing a chandelier above the closet basin or washing goods is backlit at night. 13, kitchen design from the sky, was at first of only the most useful drawer refrigerator stopped, the consequences of white design, and there are no drawers (kitchen drawers or very useful than cabinets apply)!    Kitchen ceiling do not use dark colors, coupled with dark matte lamp, alas, kitchen lighting exist! 14, fridge thoughtless, now see the kitchen from the living room, like a corridor. And the switch in front of the fridge in the kitchen. &Nbsp;    15, designed a cooker socket next to the gas stove in the kitchen, not measured, Cabinet survey the consequences when it is invented a stove above the eye. After considering this is a safety risk, said focal shift, reduce the console.

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