Nine new home decoration Feng Shui knowledge knew

A married family is not appropriate to use the large vase, if not on the alert in the peach place, rush rush the other half of the peach blossom

luck, vengeful and attack scenes. Two, pink makes us impatient, attack angle, wrong things, quarrel frequently, especially newlyweds, in order to regulate

boudoir atmosphere, where the Lady is very romantic in the eyes, but with the colors of the compromise, after a period of time, the two

heart attacks are at the fire, easy for trivial fight not over, finally divorce of no return. Third, North of the individual in charge of the couple's marriage and emotional power. If you want to keep romantic close relationships, the use of heat

bold color arrangements in the North, for example using cold colors of accessories, comfort between husband and wife love new. Four, warm light bulb to emotion, the lights in the bedroom the couple emotional main, cold light bulbs should be taken as far as possible, use less

cold light bulbs or fluorescent lamps, etc. Five, kitchen stoves to Ji Cai Feng Shui guidelines can be reached. If located in Kyrgyzstan, population decline in the home, the couple emotional harmony

。 Instead, marriage rarely successful, often favoured or illness, it is important to pay attention to, because the kitchen is the female guest's fortunes Center

。 Six, ominous colors, colors are not good for family members around, walls and air, according to family members if necessary

each small room, the ominous color choices alone well.  Seven, even if you doubt of Feng Shui, but the best is to eliminate the negative factors in Feng Shui, such as angle of impingement and pressure beam. Eight bedroom bedroom format to choice founder can make your love life more bumpy strong and love will also surface, moderate

condition, not too nor less than unilateral in a relationship of reciprocity and harmony, if your bedroom is not square, it can also

discussion through the arrangement of objects and the environment, so that the room "looks like" is a square format. Nine, if the woman is pregnant, the atmosphere of the room will have great impact on pregnant women and fetuses and pregnant women home plan

is the inspiration, and NA Mong Yang is a plus. The room necessary to maintain air circulation in pregnant women, to open Windows for air, in the West

North use the aquatic animal or hydraulic installation of furnishings, enhanced gas, was successfully delivered in favour of children, in addition, the pregnant woman's House of flowers

animals should not be too much, or too much yin is not conducive to body weakness.

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