Renovation of common sense: avoid home dangerous five points

How to avoid the dangers of home improvements? Nanjing decoration industry association President Zhu Bingsheng receiving reporters pointed out yesterday: decoration early preparation is the crux, is necessary in advance, and every link in advance, ensure my rights. &Nbsp;

Zhu Bingsheng said, first of all, prior communication and designer amply. Consumers must understand the designer supply drawings and then sign it. If the problem is not very clear, unilaterally negotiating make up terms.  

Second, see the quote. Home decoration companies offer is sure to see carefully, do not lower high, accounts and the estimated gap is very big. Individual final without exceeding the estimate of 10% requests to 15%.  

third, the acceptance process should pay attention to. After the completion of each project, consumers must be careful inspection, after passing the acceptance and then proceed to the next step. Best third party supervision – acceptance of corporate sponsorship.  

Finally, master the methods of payment. Better to comply with the country specification contract finished a target a nominal pay for it.  

v, the warranty is not negligence. Construction completion inspection finished, home business specific warranty. In addition, the consumer customer service department to enhance contact with the home improvement company.

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