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Today's families have rarely have enough space to open up restaurants alone, so Dining chairs are often into the living room, and as long as the hospitality owners or formal family dinners to catch on, as for three meals every day simply disposed of in the kitchen. Table is the best choice can be folded or side wings can Flex styles, so the ability to brush size dinner composed. If you never had time to entertain many people, then buy a firmly placed a small table will be. Family dining room decoration materials in the air, tile and laminate wooden flooring is the preferred material. Both types of decoration materials for wear-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean and was widely welcome by the consumer. Use both types of decoration materials in the air, you can use numerous kinds of decorating styles and patterns, stone and carpet also used part of the dining space and air becomes rich and colorful. Space in the dining room wall, latex paint is the most rare decoration materials and wall tiles, especially in the cold colors are most common. These two kinds of wall decoration materials except the price is moderate, most consumers can receive, but easy to cause of the liquidation is also very important. Using latex paint finish dining room has become a model at present, the vast majority of the capital of the decoration matching methods. Top of dining space, and meeting space "on par", the use of plasterboard. With the transformation of cooking methods, and many kitchen appliances in the home, and new decoration ideas for kitchen use, decoration began to apply some of the cooking environment "squeamish" decoration materials. If you enjoy fashion, scaffolding might have the table is a good choice. This table not only are durable, when not in use to facilitate disassembly collection, and price is not expensive; especially when you lack of money, can serve as temporary table in transitional era; moved home until one day, when funds and space are so rich, so they can be moved to the Studio to use. If you can, purchase a comfortable adjustment height square table or round table is also a fantasy, high can be used as a dining table, lowered after serving as coffee tables. In addition, the Chair can also be used in many places, their appearance has been fresh and diverse than ever before, does not apply when the space is very limited.

in modern society, because the degree of progress of life and death, beat slowed down his career, family dining in the history and the environment become important means of family emotions, so many people are eating more and more attention to the decoration and arrangement of the space. On the current situation of family decoration, dining space and meeting space insertion, integration more widely, so presentable renovation should be to "deal with" guests.

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