Who do you know how to choose interior door packages

1, is professional production, selection sophisticated, ensure quality, technology content high, waterproof, anti-deformation, anti-dry burn, noise;  2, it not contains formaldehyde, toluene, no radioactive pollution, to meet international standards green;  3, whether free using of paint, natural wood as of appearance (skin Boeing Company for imports PVC film), to meet desire of psychological wood;  4, personalized design, free select door of design and whether color, lock hole and the frames, installation shortcut ; &Nbsp;5, easy installation: according to customer requirements, and wall thickness, the different types of frames, installation was easy to  . Character design, free choice of design and colour of the door and the frame, and prepare a variety of locks, hinge buckle can be used, but using a combination of l-type socket or cable, install a nail surface, trademarks, use plastic expansion of United States environmental protection cover for speed, a door frame installation of the entire process only takes 60 minutes  . No paint. Is a new generation of super green products as  6, comply with a beautiful decorative effect: according to the different needs of customers, indoor, free to choose fresh flowers gate (more than 200 kinds of existing models), a variety of wood color to flexible design (currently existing market, more than 10 of the most popular  ?? The color), natural character and focus on the quest for a perfect surface, no nails! BACK
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