Sophisticated living room TV background wall decoration Feng Shui

In contrast, TV background color should not be the wall too deep or too many color pictures (the painting looks a heavy sense of lack of momentum will low-spirited, disappointment and making people do things), painted with fierce beast picture (such as Tigers, eagles, dragons. If you have accidentally, can cause blood disaster. Be sure to hang, special attention must be drawn in the beast's head) and should not be hanging over a figure of abstract painting (family mood will be repeated, and uneven psychological balance, easily nervous) and falls, artistic picture or deceased loved ones head bust portrait portraits and white too much, otherwise it will affect the family's decline.

as with the paintings, ornaments placed into very elegant. Like horses do ornaments. "Horse" in the Bagua trigrams belongs to the Qian-Gua, Qian-GUA of the five elements of gold, if a horse is placed in the South (South of the line of fire) that is "fire door" easy family head discomfort, cough and children doesn't Shun and other adverse events. Solution is very simple, ": the horse" moves to the rest position, the question naturally. Also have to pay special attention, Zodiac is a genus within the family "rat" could not be "horse" place North, or rat people will get sick.

in addition, some people like to put narrow at home like ornaments, such as porcelain, jade, copper elephants, Shi Xiang, etc, it is very useful, as ornaments "enhanced strength" means. After Feng Shui favorite, a backer of the individual buildings, and elephant figure is great, like individual, on display like ornaments will strengthen air sitting, when no this is like a backer on the.

Kirin for animals, in ancient times known as "Yan beast". Its head is like dragons, long horns, deer-like body, covered with overgrown with Lin, curly tail, very lively. Legend Unicorn favorite sponsor bad care of Khao Tao JI Shan Special. Gigabit at home is very favorable.

now more and more people love to put tanks in the TV cabinet, if that is the case, fish tank display problems. We should be placed in the Aquarium Cabinet head close to the side of the window, for example, is in the Cabinet to the left of the window, the tank should be placed accordingly in the top left corner. If the window is in the right side of the Cabinet, will fish tank should be placed in the top right corner. Placed in the TV cabinet fish tank area is not too large, which is rectangular. In addition to Aquarium display of taboo, a fish species on the quality of the choices of Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, "Feng Shui fish" is. This is why? We can be seen from both water and fish, water, especially water, can be troublesome to the stingy JI or ferocious look. This horoscope dehydrated people, put the fish tank in the living room will be luck to be sponsored.

but people who avoid water, fish in the living room, not affordable. Jin Yulai said. Like a dragon's tongue, the fish like a sharp sword, more aggressive temperament, an individual can use it to, and the strengthening of fiscal efficiency. Heimoli, Black Peony, color the body of the fish, and is also used to keep the evil spirit. Better with heimoli consequences. Discus, Koi, goldfish and other colorful fish of docile, people mostly use for wangzhengcai, harmony and relationship.

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