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Installation repair money, half real Designer

Body finish fully furnished apartments of the city, the majority of people still 繼 "homes for park operating" this Traditions Pi o element HyLo Value – 擁 穩 ideal homes to 認 really get into, and enjoy the music interesting. Despite Club Med so saddled Dai, but each has its own dream House, installation is to change into his dream house now a fact. Dai under Stress, "spend less money well equipment" theory of Po 擁 o.

semi individual Designer

first you have to own around their new house rules drawn, how announced reset, and specify true what is the point of installation. Please 專 operating company for you carefully design design, heart also proposed. Because integrity, design plan of system one, can charge is reduced to a minimum if no design plan or description only lists the design plan, bian bian conversion, it is difficult to save money.

plasticity is reasonably

reasonably predict numerical programme control equipment in the future always 額. Over the difficult process of construction equipment repair engineering change find or modify, Ying participation according to the original project space units increase reduce age DVD in order to reduce project space cleaned in final count.

貨 than three

to install materials market mess, "Zambia research". Quality decorative works material upper, middle and lower both individual class, but are in the same class material, image: due to different Pricing different sources, so quality is better than 3 aselia is appropriate. When Purchasing materials, 盡 may please go with Designer or installation repair workers, a future they know what finish materials can be bought to the good low price, twice. In addition according to the burgeoning equipment repair companies choose materials are also possible. Equipment repair company in the choose material with fixed Screentone, due to the large quantities of select materials, quality 穩 and low Pricing Yes 較.

"畫 Dragon little eyes"

little equipment repair places, can choose to use higher file material, fine conditions of work, this model courses see the Zambia higher up Club Med 較; other parts of equipment entering into take description 潔, bright Office law, of ordinary materials, work description of veneered.

show quality assurance

Choose liquid 優 DUI Wu Du absolute show construction rework. Best not to directly find DUI or acquaintances of construction equipment repair, surface, money, right on the international, may be due to your CUO Wu choose greater Economy capacitor loss caused by the liquid. Wind South China company reminds Customer not to look for a new Grand opening of decorative works the company because the staff begins to mature companies, CUO Wu committed its Economy capacitor loss arising, 終 may want most threes, married to account owners.

Wind South China equipment 擴 exhibition hahawer:

the 8 most provincial money installation program   encyclopedia of home equipment, money, most

  installation I'm not much money in the family of professional owners, all these efforts are the best money is hard on equipment they want the effect. Yes, the installation charge less than others although the installation no documents of high times, but also can install a small general lifestyle information.

1, Living room programme: chasing after 營 Qi 燈 light fragrance

Living room is the door, plasticity is in charge of spending, also compared high section. To save money, the best way is less wood.

money, reason: 燈 all installation works alone, the cheapest and most effective. By Lord 較 燈 lighting without coating, so using location lighting, intermediate ceiling, brought inside hidden 燈 and embedded 燈, accompanied State 燈 燈 and table, the whole discourse is Qi Kong Jian change atmosphere, increasing the quality of furniture. Ground with the big carpet, wall 畫 decorative works for entering into, you can fully 顯 now Living room of Qi Cardinality, although spending money is not much, the effect is not wrong.

2, Sun student program: announced by green plants placed

Sun Taiwan best way to save money is never extrapolation, the direct use of plants originally announced reset.

money, reason: Sun Taiwanese Pu waterproof wood floors, and some green plants buy their originally announced, thus saving money and beauty.

3, Xuan programme activities: the magical ceiling

Xuan very unimportant, to save money, the best way is not to do, to be so shoe 櫃 or different colours of Brick floors.

money, reason: chasing after the ceiling, between the light source and 3 small 盞 hanging 燈, Zhang carpet on the ground, and Dang outdoor sand, put a potted plant, 營 flower making Xuan of Qi activities.

programme 4, dining hall: dining table and Chair combination home decoration

dining hall dining table and chairs, is the most important meal 櫃 and 燈, in combination with the maneuverings of color and decoration of operation, saving money is easy.

money reasons: dining table and Chair are to furniture Designer large facility 訂, Pricing 較 because cheaper. Bid to save money, no Ding online ceiling Board, pulled down only one 盞 hanging 燈, dining hall primary walls only 畫 decorative works in the future, both Economy and right alike.

programme 5, bathroom: shower door directly mounted on the tub.

bathroom equipment repairing one of the spent money Kong Jian, magnetic Brick and host bath ridong iostream China products into the main, Gan-I manage-Zaventem.

money, reason: on the tub shower door frames, are also good ways to avoid Gan I manage projects-Zaventem, construction icelin and cheap.

6, book programme: now a CD rack wall decorative works

book room not live and find an empty location, fully furnished apartments to furniture 擺 design in the future, is most economical and money practices.

money, reason: book a room wall, can be bought fully furnished apartments in the CD installation on the walls, and lovely and receive Varna function. Bought this set of CD is the owner of furniture when told the store to come, still apply on woodworking 順 Ding, corner of money without spending it.

7, Kitchen programme: 櫃 coating plates to replace meals

installation just begins to Kitchen, you usually have to spend big Pen charge.

money, reason: because the catch Kitchen more your Varna Kong Jian built Council do 櫃 meals in the Kitchen, used to place the TV, such as Guo Jia electronic. 櫃 stub their meal than in Zambia on the Ding-like coating on the wall plate, on time, not time still can put down, Kong Jian, both money and money.


programme 8, bedroom: master walls between 燈 營 Qi atmosphere

double room was the only time in the installation point of the Living room, with a maximum of Economy means, creatio Qi of the master-bedroom the best atmosphere in the future.

province money reason: advises double room of main walls stub 燈 light results collection, bed head above 剛 good has root small beam, with Jia Board advises Liang Fengping does 貼 Shang Wall Paper, advises 燈 hid in Jia Board main walls inside, do between received light, again in Kiev to table 燈 of lighting, although so no has main 燈, but more can 營 made out soft of Qi fragrance.

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