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Household equipment repair costs consumption in charge is the greatest flooring, door, 櫥 櫃, 燈 tool and host, this fumble recovery equipment in the five primary material. This Pricing flowinfluence directly to the Director of the main material installation charge, this secret because the consumer end of five main material accounting charge.

first, 55 Yuan/square meters of the floor are water-rail akamine

gourd shaped ladle image: the recent announcement of China consumer consumer warning strengthened floor, building Council posted by bought list price of more than 70 floors. Due to reasons such as tax collection and interest term, Shenyang Sun posted by bought locally floor Pricing online at the end of 55 Yuan/square meter.

data lines operating gourd shaped ladle image: 負 Ze introduce the floor, right wood flooring due to high Pricing, not mass accepted. Currently most Huan Ying Pricing area is between 70-120 Yuan/square meter. If you want posted by bought quality qualified strengthened floors, 專 built Council posted by bought veneered charge in 55 per cent of the products. The same time, due to the effects of seasons and how important do flowinfluence, preci image: floating begins.

Second, the host does not fully furnished apartments with  2000 right

as a most charge money for free host in the installation location, classification of material conditions, promote whole Stadium 講, host location equipment needed to repair the main material is ceramic Brick and 潔 has two parts.

ceramic city 專 tell Journalist, all ceramic products on the view outside is very difficult area good Huai, even 專 professional persons are difficult to distinguish, so the Council built the consumer as soon as possible to pick select letters 譽 brand products.

porcelain Brick are mainly Brick and some bread Brick two kind, 專 home to Brick built Council the consumer the best posted by bought more than 60 Yuan/square meter product, and the best posted by Brick bought 25 Yuan/square meters of product. He tell Journalist measure the standard criteria in addition to wear resistance of ceramic Brick 損 outside, mainly just the look out diameter saw-if out diameter saw yan, cannot study the ground can't use just the walls surface.

潔, General host location need Chamber pot, wash basins, bathtubs, high file installation still want a bath room. One 4 square host between the future say if full use documents 潔, Club Med cost Super 萬; documents 潔 cost pressure in the use of this product can to about 5000 Yuan if the Economy limited terms, minimum Pricing can be reduced to 2000 Yuan, but if you want to control in the year 2000 is not fully furnished apartments of the following fact.

third, del Carmen   fan mode pressure door 700

a lot of the consumer always neglect the importance of activities in the installation, is often the only test in the last process 慮 door problem problem, used fruit cannot both left due to equipment repair, del Carmen only 湊, or even the consumer still get 慮 playing activities. Operating within said del Carmen not only uneconomical, but quality cannot guaranteed. Some hardware accessories and paint pen, manual del Carmen walk beside production activities is can't compare.

professional sell 專 said residents die-pressure is the most common activities and right wooden compound del Carmen, two kind of products have 優 bit. 櫥 櫃 activities operating Cheng said mold pressure door charge Gebbie 較 cheap, probably about 300 yuan, with uprated extended price in about 700 Yuan, cheaper Pricing, quality is not wrong. Right wooden door entering into compress Yes all comparison Hao Chinese products. Another high speed circuit switched data understanding, 1000 brand set installation activities, nutrited right end of wood door Pricing online.

four, 櫥 櫃   t of less than 800 Yuan/meter

櫥 櫃 most 貴 nutrited household equipment repair products, begins on 輒 Nations. 櫥 櫃: how much money can use it? Professional 專 introduction, you need at least 800 Yuan/meter.

data gourd shaped ladle introduction, Pricing for various types of products different, closely related article stub using materials, such as Import products hardware and General hardware has the right quality of poor don't. Pass over right Jian, some brand of 櫥 櫃 hardware durable, and not change shaped, and part price grid low of 櫥 櫃, earthquake Qi SAC, and back del Carmen device in using a when between 後 are has different degree of 損 victims, and 櫥 櫃 of parts stub other production products different, by in it is a stadium of results institution, in repair Shang is difficult, so 專 operating people built Council elimination charge who, posted by bought price grid at least also Ying this in 800 Yuan/extended meters above of production products.

five, 燈   Pricing of having the largest

as a kind of variety why compound 雜 燈, professional 專 home building Council, posted by bought hours data I need choose liquid. 燈 Pricing to promote those ten to those Nations, in the area don't exist on the quality, but can't right question of quality problems, the consumer can rest assured that use.

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