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Summer equipment attention 項

Lot of the consumer why 認, spring and autumn are the seasons-installation of gold, 認 because summer construction likely encountered problems, the fact this kind of said law is not true. Qi hot summer high water Hui issued some view this terms are favourable to the construction. In the construction of the summer, just finish Ying noted that encountered the problem, safe, rational and efficient construction, according to the normal construction Craft and construction process each 項 DataRepeater work, same can also let you complete the project.

summer equipment repaired six Note:

-to give porcelain Brick 飽 water

in summer, due to material gives us drier than usual, so I'm in Brick, porcelain Brick needed Bible bubble water finish material, be postponed long bubble of Userboxes/Time water finish, making it near 飽 and fully facilitated Phase. This model courses, there is no Club Med now bonding time due to water absorption and cement bonding is not fastened so that the now empty drums, layer down.

-control of dew condensation Userboxes/Time

in finish types like gypsum material time, main this Yan Ying control dew condensation Userboxes/Time. Because the high temperature and dry Weather, plaster molding is more difficult to control, so control dew condensation Ying yan Userboxes/Time, to Prada to standard pressure resistance standard tensile strength and conditions.

-walls surface finish to be perspicacious

sell walls coating finish time Yes, because with the summer hot weather and inflammatory flowinfluence, Ying especially careful about its Stability and adhesion strength and dry in the early crack resistance. This time take is to Cha conditions conditions view micro-finish, and Userboxes/Time property conditions do any DVD before making a comparison.

cold product can-size hot Zhang

plastic steel door window, sliding door measured and an installation time, dimensional mind hot Zhang cold product can arrange. Because the plastic steel're part Qi hot flowinfluence 較 great material, if size arrangements over 緊 湊, image: Qi in winter temperature decreases and worla Feng gap, change shape, so the size slightly Fu Ying this room.

floor-Pu equipment 講 緊 湊

Pu equipment floor time, Ying feng gap arrangements more 緊 較 ever secret, to avoid name Qi change of temperature decrease when FENG gap flowinfluence big and beautiful views. Stub feng of the walls of the floor finish, available pressure formed over the terms of the floor crossing, but this model courses for a future, Feng not only finish well walls stub floor gap over the abuse, also played a role in view of beauty.

-equipment repair moisture is very 鍵

summer installation in comparison I manage men hot flashes, 鍵 activities in moisture-proof. Qi in the summer I manage large, easily moisture absorption material such as wood, lumber, gypsum board, chasing after input over the finish does not process when 極 hygroscopic. Moisture in materials issued after Hui, easy to crack open change shape, still image: flowinfluence materials, flowinfluence quality. Posted by wood when,  bound to a large number of release finish, because wood has been the passage of the mass release dry finish. They directly promote set installation box 貨, less intermediate Huan Jie, is less damp wood quite Club Med. If moisture resistant finish is not good, to Gan seasonal Wind blows, change shape, wood flooring Qiao, walls cracked feng, painting abilities through the mist until problem problems tend to happen. Summer Hot Flash, posterior trunk paint on the brush slowly. Moreover, the paint absorbs the moisture in the air Qi, also easy to produce mist. Equipment repair companies typically is blown Gan 劑, painting abilities faster.

in addition, household equipment met with fish Maw mammary paint because Club Med in Gan slowly, in the Hot Flash Club Med issued mold change in the Weather encountered problems, Yes, equipment repair company is open Office air Zambia I manage, take empty water in Qi; furniture not lclose 櫃 del Carmen keep pass Wind. After installation, still all kind of Odor does not go out of the Club Med experience encountered problems, the shadow people's health. Equipment repair company of the Council is, after install 擺 green plants, issued by Hui light and function the same, or rooms within two or three individual Remon lemon or orange, banana, Prada to quick effects.

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