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Simple and practical floor color matching method

&Nbsp;     the overall decor and ideas is the primary factor in determining floor color. Dark power and expressiveness of the floor is very strong, character trait is bright, light color flooring style simple, fresh and elegant. In recent years, some seemingly defective wood flooring, such as trees, Poles, rot, crack textures of flooring demand, is the embodiment of attention to nature and to a simple philosophy. &Nbsp;

       Secondly, pay attention to flooring and furniture matching. Ground color to set off the tone color and with his furniture, decoration belongs to the permanent decoration on the ground, under normal circumstances, do not change often, so to choose a neutral color. Say from hue, light colored furniture can be used with any combination of color shades of the floor, but dark match furniture with dark floors will have to be careful to avoid '' dark '' depressing scene.  

      -room lighting conditions also restrict the floor color choices. Lighting is good room Needless to say, can choose and lower floors, lighting is not sufficient room to choose higher brightness, color suitable for the ground material, as far as possible to avoid the use of darker material.  

       and color affects people's Visual effects, warm color expansion color, cool for contraction. So, small size of room to choose darker shades of colours, to create an area of expanding feeling. If you choose bright colors the floor will make the space more narrow, increase oppression.  

       in addition, color choices should be based on the ground of the wall color. Because the maximum area they occupy the room colors, so the match between them is critical.  

         white flooring;

       there are a lot of families like the floors painted white, want to have a quiet family-friendly atmosphere. Recommended more light colors such as gray, easy to give the feeling of peace, it will not cause the wall color to light floor color '' top-heavy ''.  

       floor   pine material;

       after the brush directly on a pine floor varnish color with a yellowish tone, walls make use of '' adjacent '' rule, can be selected next to the yellow-green, so that you can create a warm atmosphere.  

         red brown floor;

       reddish hue color of the flooring itself gives people a strong feeling, if the wall with a thick coat of paint color, it is not compatible. But choice is ivory with pink and red-tinted floor form a sense of unity.  

         dark brown flooring;

       white walls and dark brown match the floor will make the floor look very dark. If walls with Brown, beige, color of the walls and floors are accessible, space will seem big.

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