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Lighting three popular fall/winter 2010: practical, science and technology, decorations

&Nbsp;   recently, lighting stores released a "fall/winter 2010 lighting trends": pragmatism, technology and decorative.  

trend:   of pragmatism;

       pragmatism that is the origin of back lighting, ignore the magnificence and modification of appearance, emphasizing the lighting function.  

fall/winter       2010 year, "pragmatism" in the popular lighting industry: emphasize the practicality of lighting, have been complicated and fast-paced life surrounded by city people, become good partners for physical and psychological burdens.  

trend II: Science and technology  

       new materials, new processes and new technologies are emerging, lamps lighting products to show master status from one of high-tech products.  

       Nano, fiber optics, LED, touch, remote control ... ... These looks with IT or related technology in high-tech, the luminaire industry seems to be irrelevant, but in 2010 in this autumn and winter, will become popular buzzwords in the lighting market.  

trend: decorative  

       pursuit of the beauty and novelty of the product, to Maverick refused to plain water, this is the Bandung meeting Ocean released three major trends autumn/winter 2010, the "decorative" embodiment of the trend.  

       lights is not just a lighting tool, but also dress up the decoration of the bedroom, one piece, or even bedroom owner's favorite objects.

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