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Clean kitchen utensils x application

&Nbsp;  use   with dinner dishes smell? &Nbsp;     

     dishwashing water, put a few slices of lemon peel (can also add some orange peel, or add a few drops of vinegar), to eliminate fishy dishes on the table, smell odors. Meanwhile, it can soften hard water and increase the luster of porcelain. Similarly, the fish knife, skin a shine to fishy with lemon; the smell of pot, you can put some lemon peel boiled to a completely disappeared.   

     use   smell        artful addition to kitchen utensils, tableware;

     with a small bowl of warm water to squeeze juice of lemon peel soak up, then poured into the chagou, oil, water and other kitchen utensils or drinking glasses, 4-5 hours later, these stains will be touch and go.   

     use   smart scale removal       

     If the pot black, put some lemon peel and boil water in the Pan, Pan will become the new, and keep for a long time no longer oxidation.   

     use   pool of Qiao Jie      

     wash-basin or tub water da yellow stains left by it? Come on, wipe with a lemon peel can magic away.   

     use   Qiao Jie kitchen wall tile       

     kitchen tiles on the walls, over time there will be hate except smoke residue, try lemon coat with a little salt to clean it. This method can also erase the yellow trail the marble.   

     coup   taps Qiao Jie       

     believe it or not, fresh lemon peel can play the role of strong decontamination. With lemon peel in a dirty residue of faucets or other metal hardware wipe, no force, stains on their asses off.

magical   skillfully hand rank       

     kitchen, it's easy to get meat, fishy fishy fishy or oil, with SOAP or washing powder to go anywhere, but, rubbed his hands with lemon peel is working, if in the lemonade bubbles, is better. Also, wipe hands with lemon peel, which contains lemon oil can make the skin smooth and sleek.   

     use   clever except refrigerator odor        

     worry about diligent housewife has a refrigerator, no matter how much you heart, over time, opened the door of the moment always upset you. Each time after using lemon or cooking and beauty, the rest don't throw away the lemon peel, chopped a gauze bag and put them in a corner of the refrigerator, so every time you open the fridge door for that kind of pleasant fragrance in a good mood. Of course, remember to often change.   

     use   ice        skillfully;

     making ice, ice trays or sprinkle some shredded lemon peel, cut into cubes, will make ice with sweet. Your afternoon tea have a better partner, but kids love to eat.  

     use   Qiao        the air in the kitchen;

     in the pot, baking a slice of lemon peel, not only can eliminate indoor odor, but also can make the room smell. Placed in stockings hanging in your closet or room, is the most natural fragrances.   

     ingredients dictionary: origin Mexico lemon, the benefits were all exploring, passed down from generation to generation. Lemon body is a treasure, is the production of flavoring, spices, food industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry and other important raw materials. In everyday life, because eating too sour, lemons attitude is more lemon slices, lemon juice, lemon peel, forms of cooking. Among them, the lemon fruit skin can produce essential oils of lemon, lemon essential oil is an important raw material for cosmetics and produce drugs for treating lithiasis important components of limonene. Of course, lemon peel and many more magical function of cooking and living.

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