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Bathroom renovation to attention to detail

First is the selection of towel racks. Don't buy a double Towel rack, may feel when buying double the good-looking, and hang a towel or two more, but actually is not the case, different uses of the towel cannot hang together, in other words which hang two towels on the towel rack, extra another need, also is the practical.   


  glass shelves to buy good quality   


  of toiletries in the bathroom glass shelves to buy good quality, I have a bath, shower gel, put it on the glass, the glass clip poor quality, loose, glass smashed down as a whole.   

  bathroom cabinets can be customized to the kitchenware company, but do have metal legs dangling below, or leaking after a bad, usually easy to clean. Toilet waterproof must be done, including floors, walls. Dimensions of the sink and faucet to complete.   

  waist and tiles to advance to a better   

  bathroom tile has the waist line and tiles to advance to a better, other things do not block or conflicts in the future. If the amount is not a good situation of deck pavement under, SET THE STAGE, we find posted below the waist line, had to cut short leg of the basin. Add Tile Grout color pasta with a little color, then it is best to debug a look, before deciding on the amount, or either too shallow or too deep.   

  steep slope water can quickly run a clean   

  not because the bathroom is small place don't pay attention to the ground, be sure to lay the tiles.  

  toilet floor slope to consider before paving, in accordance with the national standard of the slope will be unable to achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use deodorant drain leak or ultra thin, will greatly increase the difficulty of drainage.

someone said a steep and pretty, can be steep, and can quickly run a clean water is a very good thing.

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