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Skillfully removing tub furring

Bathtub used for a long time, will form a layer of yellow scale, not only look good, but also feels uncomfortable, how can I restore tub white and smooth it? Small series of this taught you a few pointers.

1. vinegar: you want to clear tub, walls with the tap on the scales may be in rags soaked in vinegar and cover the rest for a night on the hard dirt. Next day morning, tune into a paste of baking soda and vinegar, then use a toothbrush dipped in paste to scrub the place, clean.

2. the old newspaper to clean: wipe the bathtub in addition to his accumulated dirt with old newspapers, you can also use a clean cloth or brush dipped in household cleanser gently, then rinse with water.  

3. Special cleaner: if not cost, with private bath cleaner! Not only can clear the SOAP-bath surface common scale, scale, more difficult to remove organic old yellow scale effects, save time and effort, the bathtub surface without damage.

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