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Stair decoration after the acceptance

A good stair, not only beautiful and durable, also make users feel comfortable with should be maximised, the details of the deal, also affect the quality of their own.

use eco-friendly materials

don't forget the staircase is a "material" form, it is easy to ignore, don't let the stairs made of harmful chemical substances.

less noise

the stairs not only to strong, safe, beautiful, it also should not make too much noise when used. Tread on the stairs has issued a "boom, boom" sound is often terrible, especially in the dead of night.  Stair treads and noise of materials and overall design, also affiliated with the connections between the various parts.

elimination of acute

staircase, all parts should be smooth, mellow, no conspicuous, sharp parts, so as to avoid causing unintended harm to the user. Imagine that when ladies wearing a skirt, fairy floating up the stairs, and went back to hung up, will have a kind of Visual effects?

heating and cooling of the arm

If using a metal as staircase balustrading, then demands the best manufacturers in the metal surface to do about treatment, especially in the North, metal in the winter when cold feeling, will make special uncomfortable.

construction is fast, convenient

choose the stairs or to select how a stair is installed. Fast, easy installation for you and your neighbors will be beneficial. Easy to install in the install process will noise and to minimize dust. Welding stairs and required during the installation process, there are security risks, odour and dust pollution to the home environment.

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