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Small-space decorating tips 5

&Nbsp;    home improvement in small confined spaces, it's frustrating, if not taken into account, it will affect the overall decoration effect. Don't worry, it will teach you a few tricks, home decorating small space repair problem can easily handle it. Less than 10 square meters of area, decoration design it's hard to make it both functional and beautiful, or upset, and some fun. The scenario to introduce 5 available here, was also renovated by 10 square meters of space are wonderful.

small-space Decorating Tip # 1: use of small furniture  

small space, should choose small furniture, also rejected the usage of sofa, sat on the floor, but have a unique appeal.

small-space Decorating Tip # 2: refined products lighting design  

small space using exquisite items will improve the overall texture and beauty.

small-space Decorating Tip # 3: proper use of lockers and fun decorative  

make full use of the available space, full lockers, also make small spaces get organized. You can use the line, visually increase space.

small-space Decorating Tip # 4: use of pattern space  

white will make the space more transparent, continuous design makes the space more continuity, can also increase the sense of lively space

small-space Decorating Tip # 5: the bold use of color, bold construction of identity  

vibrant colors avoid the depressing feeling of a small space, and you can make space more layered.

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